A Grace Reward


It just came to me that I should implement a Grace reward in our home. After a day with three young children (5, 4 and 19 months), sometimes it feels like my ears are still ringing from their high-pitched efforts to let me know how the others are falling short:

“Mommy, Gabi is not letting me be the mommy!”

“Mommy, Telah splashed me with water!”

“Mommy, Gabi poured cold water on my head!”

“Mommy, Telah hit me!”

Every one of those situations is an opportunity for Grace, ie. cutting each other slack in the name of love.

We have done sticker charts for inspiring the girls to say please and thank you. Currently they each have a responsibility chart outside their door with colourful magnets rewarding specific accomplishments and behaviours each day. Offering Grace is not on that chart. Yet.

I know one of the most important gifts I would like to impart to these young ones is the ability to extend Grace. It’s one of the greatest needs, yet in such short supply, humanly speaking. We constantly fall short from others’ hopes and expectations for us. We disappoint, we mess up, we hurt.

It costs us to offer Grace. It means we are willing to lay down our own cheap desire to look great next to someone who has fallen short.

Grace, however, wipes the slate clean, knowing next time I might be the one who offends you.

I like to reward that.

  • http://danicagoward.com Danica Goward

    Brilliant concept! I might head to the dollar store for stickers today!