A Picture of Hope: My Wish for International Women's Day


Today, on International Women’s Day 2010, I would like to introduce you to a picture of tenacity, strength and Hope.

I got to meet Audrey (pictured here) during a short stint when she lived in Canada. Now she stands as a courageous, beautiful woman in the fight for her life. Literally.

I am sharing it today, on International Women’s Day, because Audrey’s picture stands to me as an image of such Hope for the future. Audrey is fighting a very personal battle, but for me, she is also a picture of every woman standing in Hope for dignity and respect, safety, security, freedom and peace.

I have to believe that one day there will be a different reality for women and girls on our planet.

Today, I stand with Audrey in believing for a different future. Today I stand in Hope.

I believe for a future where:
every woman and girl is treated as precious
girls are raised and endowed as equals
every child on the planet, regardless of race or gender, can go to school
no person is abused, silenced or diminished
every person is treated with dignity and respect
we see the Holy in each other
we don’t look down on any person, but hold each other up as equals.

I believe for a future where:
the strong are mindful of the weak
we give strength to the suffering
we thrive as we build each other up
we can walk the streets of cities like Johannesburg and not feel fear, but choose Love, instead.

I believe for a future where every girl, from Moldova to Cambodia,
the Democratic Republic of the Congo to India and beyond knows her value and dignity, and is treated as such.

I believe for a future where every woman and girl who is born into privilege understands her value and her responsibility to her sisters and brothers on the earth.

I believe for eyes that see the world, not with difference, but with Love.
This is my prayer. This is my Hope.

Thank you, Audrey. I salute you and every woman who stands in Hope. I stand with you. Together, we can unite in faith for a different future.

Please take a moment and pray for Audrey and every woman, like her, who faces a battle for her very Life today.

  • Helen


  • http://miketodd.typepad.com Mike

    Right on Idelette. In true male fashion I think I’ll steal your post.

  • http://www.idelette.com idelette

    Thank you, Helen, for always being so encouraging. You are a hero too!

    And Mike, I am honored that you shared it over on your blog. Thanks, friend!

  • http://www.jimmymcphee.blogspot.com Jimmy McPhee

    I Just wanted to say “Thank you” for your encouragement on my blog.
    Writing and computers are two things I don’t know a lot about so I’m just plodding away.
    Your post here is important because it is important to state what should be and what could be.