How do you guard a heart?

Picked up Paulo Coelho’s “By the River Piedra I sat down and wept” on Sunday at the deliciousness that is MacLeod’s Books. I’m on the final chapters of Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, but let’s just say this one had me at hello, a.k.a. the Author’s Note: “But we must never forget that spiritual experience […]

He Died Right into It. (Thankful & extreme thoughts on Good Friday.)

Good Friday. We enter into the darkest place of death. The blackest, most hidden corner of our human souls. The most horrific stories on the earth. But, even still, we enter this story as bystanders—spectators. We watch as one man enters the scope and finality of Death—stretched over history and future—and dies right into it. […]

A Thought for Good Friday: In My Place

A devotional thought I wrote for Easter on Thoughts About God: In my Place. Good. Friday. Indeed.

Walking in the Bridesmaid Anointing. Literally

Stylist, party planner, spot remover & cheerleader. The Bride requires some pretty amazing bridesmaids. Are you awake for the task? We got a wedding invitation in the mail yesterday. There will be a wedding in our family this summer and I’m so excited. But there’s another wedding feast I’m looking forward to these day: the […]

Don't give up before Easter

Thanks to Wes Roberts, I read this piece from the good people at last night. These words are a beautiful reminder to stay with the Suffering One this week on this journey through the darkness: Don’t give up before Easter. We have come so far. Don’t give up before we get there. This is […]