Greg Mortenson on Eliminating Poverty

Greg Mortenson, while speaking to a crowd in South Surrey this afternoon, said many many things worth repeating. For right now, I will share with you these words that locked into my consciousness as he spoke them: “Today we are trying to solve poverty. To do so, we have to touch poverty, we have to […]

globalgirl Advent Adventure, day 21: Great Power, Great Light?

Perhaps a little power outage is just what the world needs. It was dusk when the power went out in our neighbourhood last night. At first, the kids were excited when I started lighting just about every candle in the house. But once the last rays of daylight were gone and the house took on […]

Moving Beyond Stereotypes … Towards Reconciliation

Following last night’s post on Moving Beyond Stereotypes I am grateful to report this morning that a conversation towards Reconciliation has been started. A sincere apology has been offered. You can see it over at the Deadly Viper blog. This is merely the beginning, but may this be part of a process towards healing and […]

A Hero Coming to Surrey

On Thursday night, Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger, founder and president of Peace and Safety in the Christian Home, will be speaking at Parkland Fellowship in Surrey. Here’s why I’ll be there. The first time I met Dr. Kroeger, I picked her up from the Langdale ferry and escorted her to Linwood House on the Sunshine […]

You asked for my hands

A Prayer by Joe Seramane “You asked for my hands that you might use them for your purposes I gave them for a moment then withdrew them for the work was hard. You asked for my mouth to speak out against injustice. I gave you a whisper that I might not be accused. You asked […]