I Go to Church to Remember I am Small.

I go to church to remember I am small. I go to church to remember we are vast. I go to church to remember I am part of a whole body, a big world and an even bigger God. I go to church to remember I belong somewhere right here. I go to church to […]

How Did It Feel to be Hungry?

“Why do you do this?” I asked her. We were walking through the front doors at church, on our way to our cars in the parking lot and the rest of Monday. We’d just set up the sanctuary with food to fill 80 summer hampers for families from the inner city schools in our community: […]

Walking in the Bridesmaid Anointing. Literally

Stylist, party planner, spot remover & cheerleader. The Bride requires some pretty amazing bridesmaids. Are you awake for the task? We got a wedding invitation in the mail yesterday. There will be a wedding in our family this summer and I’m so excited. But there’s another wedding feast I’m looking forward to these day: the […]

Salvos at the Sexpo: Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking

Love what my friend Danielle Strickland is up to in Australia. This girl is a freedom fighter. Way to go, Danielle!

Moving Beyond Stereotypes … Towards Reconciliation

Following last night’s post on Moving Beyond Stereotypes I am grateful to report this morning that a conversation towards Reconciliation has been started. A sincere apology has been offered. You can see it over at the Deadly Viper blog. This is merely the beginning, but may this be part of a process towards healing and […]