When the Season of Restoration Feels Long

I’m in my office, but sitting next to my kitchen countertop with the bottom of the two sinks showing me their underbelly. It’s shoved in here, while the guys are putting back the cabinets in our kitchen. One overnight, not-so-big water leak (there wasn’t even a big pool in the morning, for laminate’s sake) and […]

Eshet Chayil, Rachel Held Evans

This is a time for clear speech …  Today I join with many voices to celebrate Rachel Held Evans, because it’s the official launch day for her new book, The Year of Biblical Womanhood. A good friend, in addressing issues around prostitution and demand, often says: “This is a time for clear speech.” When we speak […]

'Women for Sale' store highlights sex trafficking in Israel; Taking Action in Canada

An installation of real women for sale is getting many second looks at a mall in Tel Aviv. WomanToGo is a display of women with a price tag that includes age, weight, measurements and country of origin to draw attention to Israel’s problem with human trafficking. What I like is that this campaign puts a […]

Guess I’m a little busy writing over at SheLoves magazine these days. I won’t lie, I love today’s story about Marcy and the Linwood House Art Experience: How Marcy Became an Artist. Marcy is pictured on the far left here with friends and fellow artists, as well as Gwen McVicker (third from the right), president […]


I wish somebody would have said this to me at my weakest point …

“Homeless girl” remains anonymous, but writes to put a new face on homelessness. In effect, her own story helps us understand some of the realities behind the men, women and teenagers, we see on our streets. “Homeless girl” became homeless on May 18, 2007. “The best analogy I can give is, it was like a snowball,” […]