How Did It Feel to be Hungry?

“Why do you do this?” I asked her. We were walking through the front doors at church, on our way to our cars in the parking lot and the rest of Monday. We’d just set up the sanctuary with food to fill 80 summer hampers for families from the inner city schools in our community: […]

Speaking of Changing the world …

Here are the students from the City Harvest School of Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy on a recent field trip in Nairobi, Kenya. In one year this school has grown from six students to 32. (You can read the original Big Ask here.) It’s simple math: because we are helping to subsidize the rent, these girls […]

Books for Prison: What would you suggest for a Top Ten List?

Our church is collecting softcover books to give to our local pre-trial prison. I love books. My 6-year-old reminded me yesterday of a poster at her school that reads: “Some of my best friends are books.” How true. You just have to walk through the front door of our house to see that books are […]

Voices of Haiti: Jeremy Cowart Photography brings Haiti home

He’s photographed Britney Spears, Pres. Barack Obama and Switchfoot. When the earthquake hit Haiti, Jeremy Cowart headed to the devastated nation to capture the stories of a suffering, but courageous people through his lens. Now he’s posting these images–one per day for 60 days–on his website Voices of Haiti, and selling the prints. All proceeds […]

Thank you to the "One in Twenty" contributors.

A really big, warm thank you dankie xie-xie danke grazie to everyone who participated in the One in Twenty grassroots “Ask.” We managed to mobilize 20 people giving $20 each within 24 hours. I am so thankful. There is something extraordinarily powerful in coming together. Unity commands a blessing, indeed. I know the 16-year-old girl […]