One in Twenty: Let's Bring this Daughter to the Women’s Memorial March in Vancouver

Friends, I’d love to invite you into the story of a 16-year-old girl who is creating a life for herself beyond the shadow of Vancouver’s notorious serial killer. This 16-year-old’s mother was murdered by the pig farmer and she’s putting together the pieces of her life, finding her own voice and her own place on […]

Nostalgia: Band Aid 1984

Heard this one in a store yesterday. It still moves me, 25 years later.

Throw your arms around the world … (globalgirl Advent Adventure, day 20)

Apparently there’s more to my wish than those profound words on a window decal. This year, Starbucks and the RED campaign have come up with a new project to fight AIDS in Africa. On Monday, Dec. 7 at 8:30am EST, Starbucks will unite musicians from around the world to sing “All We Need Is Love,” […]

Update: City Harvest School of Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy

It’s been such an honour, raising money for the City Harvest School of Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy. Last week I had the privilege of wiring the first batch to Kenya: US$2121.83, to be exact. Somehow, standing in front of a bank teller felt like a holy moment. Heaven was right there and I could hardly […]