Want to Be a Bearer of Justice? Have your Feet Washed.

“True bearers of justice are people who have had their feet washed.” –Gwen McVicker I am blessed to have an extraordinary mother-in-law. Gwen is the woman God used to first crack open my heart for justice, right alongside the prophet Isaiah. I’ve had the privilege of writing a 40-day prayer journal with her, traveling with […]

Friendship As Liberation

“We cannot say that in the process of revolution someone liberates someone else, nor yet that someone liberates him or herself, but rather that people in communion liberate each other.” –Paulo Freire, Communion as Liberation (via Inward/Outward) We were sitting around the dinner table in Bujumbura. At the Marquee, an outdoor restaurant which reminds of a treehouse, with […]

On Cruising Along & Leaping off Cliffs

Why I believe in jumping when it matters I still remember the three-minute phone call. Scott was in the middle of lunch rush at The Flying Beaver when I caught the tweet. Randy Elrod retweeted Michael Hyatt‘s offer to give the first 12 people who sign up for the Re:Create cruise an opportunity to pitch […]