Redemption Poem: I'm Sorry, Anna Nicole

: I salute the Jonathan Waltons in our world who are helping to shape a new reality for women with their words and their gaze. (Thanks to Trisha Baptie of Honour Consulting for being a wealth of resource.)

We Are More, by Shane Koyczan: Olympic Slampoet

Now the world is our body

Now the world is our body not made up of one country but of many some parts wrestle: big fists bulging arms swinging in a war to conquer one more piece of itself others sway: dancing hips singing lips Life in the blood Heart Mother teaches her children, remember: those parts of the world that […]

Fridge poetry? Or: My heart in 11 words.

Love our today world girls beautiful new into God. Eve restored. Idelette’s note: Made a short poem out of the top ten words I’d used in my twitter/facebook status updates in 2009. Then added the eleventh.

Staccato Christmas Thoughts

Spent the day here at Linwood House. Truly glorious. Taking a break in the library now to get quiet, settle my heart and reflect on the day. Here are a few thoughts: Staccato Christmas Thoughts Emotions build build build up ride high A giant Christmas crescendo of expectation, hope and preparation Day. Day. Day. Then, […]