The Year of I am.


Today I am remembering some of the Big Moments of this year. Like the day I stepped off the plane in Nairobi as if right into the skin I’ve always had and realized: 1. I am African. I came home to myself in Kenya this year. I was both welcomed and sent off with words […]

Three Deep Desires for a New Year


This morning I am thinking through what I desire deeply for this new year that lies ahead. Praying. Asking. Planning. Wonder-ing. I love fresh beginnings and I love that in North America I get TWO fresh beginnings annually: one in January with a new calendar year, and one in September, when school starts. In South […]

Immersion: In the Sanctuary of Women


“Mary … was a woman immersed in the Word, long before the Word immersed itself in her.” –Jan L. Richardson, In the Sanctuary of Women: A Companion for Reflection & Prayer. This will be my Christmas reading, thanks to the heads up by Heidi. I love Jan Richardson’s Sacred Journeys and could hardly wait for my […]

All I want for Christmas is a brand new world.


In the past 24+ hours, it’s felt like Heaven has been downloading a story to my heart. Background music to this story is Chantal Kreviazuk’s “Invincible” and specifically the words: I’m not the same old girl, no. I want a brand new world. (Can you hear her just belting it out? Love that girl. But, […]

A Powerful Question for God


I shared something–a question I learned from a friend–that feeds my soul over on sheloves today: A good friend told me how her daughter’s Kindergarten teacher is instilling an intimate prayer life in her young students. The teacher gave each student a heart balloon, set in paper feet with the words, “How did I […]