I am a Writer: Making My Statement to a Windy Hallway and a Cold Dismissal

Yesterday, I joined Jeff Goins’ 15-Day Writing Challenge: Mastering the Habits of Great Writers. Today’s challenge is on The Declaration Every Great Writer Makes. I don’t struggle with calling myself a writer. I took the leap into this identity as writer–standing in that simple, yet audacious statement–in 1999. Even though I thought this was my […]

On Cruising Along & Leaping off Cliffs

Why I believe in jumping when it matters I still remember the three-minute phone call. Scott was in the middle of lunch rush at The Flying Beaver when I caught the tweet. Randy Elrod retweeted Michael Hyatt‘s offer to give the first 12 people who sign up for the Re:Create cruise an opportunity to pitch […]

Gloriously Big Little Moments of 2010

I am a moment kinda girl. I tend to take notice when there’s Beauty. I’m okay with tears and deep sadness. I’m also okay with full on ecstasy. Not the kind in a pill, but the kind that reminds you that you’re fully alive. The stretch-out-your-arms-around-the-world-moments. The mystical God stuff. And the very real skin-on-skin […]

The Year of I am.

Today I am remembering some of the Big Moments of this year. Like the day I stepped off the plane in Nairobi as if right into the skin I’ve always had and realized: 1. I am African. I came home to myself in Kenya this year. I was both welcomed and sent off with words […]

Three Deep Desires for a New Year

This morning I am thinking through what I desire deeply for this new year that lies ahead. Praying. Asking. Planning. Wonder-ing. I love fresh beginnings and I love that in North America I get TWO fresh beginnings annually: one in January with a new calendar year, and one in September, when school starts. In South […]