Real World Miracles. Or: AIDS: Reverse your Perception

Last month this Topsy Foundation television commercial¬†by Ogilvy Johannesburg and Egg Films won a Gold Lion award at the 57th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. It tells the true story of Selinah, an AIDS sufferer who experiences the ravaging effects of her disease being reversed over a period of 90 days through the administration of […]

I swam across the Pacific: a short poem

I swam across the Pacific Ocean with a backpack and skyblue sleeping bag. I flew into the unknown and unknowingly moved my life from the front to the back of the Afrikaans-English dictionary. Some days my clothes fit all backwards. Question: If you had to paint a word picture of the place you find yourself […]

I am from.

I am from. By Idelette McVicker I am from small. I am from a world laid out with thick legal walls that said: You may live here. But another has to live there. Laws divided us and them. What the Fathers didn’t know is when they kept us apart they walled everybody in. My spirit, […]

Mandela in Mandarin

From Nan Fe with love My lovely friend Andrea sent me this picture she took at the SA Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010. It sits so right: “We must use time wisely and forever realise that time is always ripe to do right.”–Nelson Mandela And if you didn’t quite get that in English, read the […]

I went to Amahoro & got a lot more than the T-shirt.

A simple act–like folding a cotton shirt–can launch me into another world and another time. Tonight I put away my Amahoro T-shirt. I held the butter fabric in my hands, felt the weave under my fingers and looked at the logo one more time. It’s been about a moon and a week already since we […]