Three Deep Desires for a New Year

This morning I am thinking through what I desire deeply for this new year that lies ahead. Praying. Asking. Planning. Wonder-ing. I love fresh beginnings and I love that in North America I get TWO fresh beginnings annually: one in January with a new calendar year, and one in September, when school starts. In South […]

Advent post for Christine Sine's Godspace

I recently wrote a piece for Christine Sine’s Advent series: “Jesus is Near, How Do We Draw Close.” It really is about how I’m looking for Joy in my minivan life: “Joy in the Glorious, the Ordinary & the Dry.” I put a lot of heart into it and I’d love it if you’d check […]

All I want for Christmas is a brand new world.

In the past 24+ hours, it’s felt like Heaven has been downloading a story to my heart. Background music to this story is Chantal Kreviazuk’s “Invincible” and specifically the words: I’m not the same old girl, no. I want a brand new world. (Can you hear her just belting it out? Love that girl. But, […]

What surprized me about Mandela

It’s 11:34pm and, thankfully, still Mandela Day in Vancouver. After pouring out 67 minutes repeatedly over the course of the day, trying to instill love and peace in three young ones, It seems fitting that I would reflect on former-President Nelson Mandela’s humanity. Here’s the thing: I was rather surprized recently when I watched a […]

Voices of Haiti: Jeremy Cowart Photography brings Haiti home

He’s photographed Britney Spears, Pres. Barack Obama and Switchfoot. When the earthquake hit Haiti, Jeremy Cowart headed to the devastated nation to capture the stories of a suffering, but courageous people through his lens. Now he’s posting these images–one per day for 60 days–on his website Voices of Haiti, and selling the prints. All proceeds […]