Come, join the Dance.


Yesterday I posted some thoughts on our Thursday night Story Gatherings. It’s a meeting time where girls from different places and stories come to bring their hearts and some form of creative expression. Being present and adding your voice to the discussion is counted too! This past week something else has shaped out of our sacred circle: four girls (two who don’t even come on Thu nights) have started blogs and are expanding this into a larger conversation. A virtual living room, so to speak. More want to start their own blogs too.

Want to join the Virtual Living Room conversation?
If you’d like to join us, here’s how:
1. Start your own blog or send me the link of your existing blog and I’ll add you to the Virtual Living Room blogroll. 2. Post something on your blog on the theme for the week by Thursday.
3. Check out and encourage the other girls on the roll.

Tonight we are watching the documentary “America the Beautiful,” so there’s no “homework.” But, next week, we will discuss our understanding of Beauty: what it means, what it looks like, how we approach it, how we understand it, etc. It’s an organic discussion, growing out of the thoughts and contributions of those who participate. You can write/post something on the theme–a thought, a poem, a story, a quote, a song, a video clip–whatever may be your contribution and in doing so, join the discussion.

What we are really doing is delve deeply, honestly into our womanhood, our stories and the Story God is writing on the earth through us all. So beautiful.

The circle is large and beautiful and there’s always room for more. Come, join the dance.

Here’s what we’re watching tonight: