Don't give up before Easter


Thanks to Wes Roberts, I read this piece from the good people at last night. These words are a beautiful reminder to stay with the Suffering One this week on this journey through the darkness:

Don’t give up before Easter.
We have come so far.
Don’t give up before we get there.
This is an ongoing story.
This week we don’t say, ‘Goodbye and see you next Sunday.’
It’s not as simple as that.
Next week, none of us might be here
fickle as a crowd at Passover.

This is the story everything moves towards:
stables and wildernesses, mountaintops and bedsides.
So far the gospels have simply been introductions
to this story of the cost of love.
Everything leads here.

Let us not let Jesus do this on his own.
Let us accompany him.

Let us be here as he faces the temple and the anointing,
the betrayer and the denier,
the bread and the wine.
Let us not let Jesus face these on his own.
It is the least we can do
in response to what Jesus does for us:
giving of himself,

Be sure to read the rest here. So moving.