Eshet Chayil, Rachel Held Evans


This is a time for clear speech … 

Today I join with many voices to celebrate Rachel Held Evans, because it’s the official launch day for her new book, The Year of Biblical Womanhood.

A good friend, in addressing issues around prostitution and demand, often says: “This is a time for clear speech.” When we speak about women’s equality, it’s a time not to become overly emotional or let our hearts run away with our heads.

This is a time for clear speech.

I am thankful that Rachel is such a woman, who speaks clearly. She researches, ponders, asks questions, collaborates and speaks out. She’s not intimidated. And for that I am deeply grateful.

I am thankful that Rachel is forging a path. She’s leading, she’s going first and she’s giving me courage to speak about the things that matter dearly.

Piercing patriarchy isn’t easy. It’s gutsy and it requires wisdom and clarity of thinking. It’s not something we can shout down or yell down or beat our fists at. I know, because I’ve tried that.

So, my heart in standing with Rachel today is not to draw a line in the sand. In fact, on Sunday night, I asked our lifegroup to pray for the Sisterhood online this week … for all of us women who follow Jesus. We prayed that this would not be a week of division, but of connection. That we would choose Love and not judgement. Even when we don’t understand or agree and we are trying to figure this out, that we would listen and learn together, with open hearts and minds.

I pray that Love will cover us, as we go forward in understanding God’s heart for women on the earth, at this time in history.

I pray that Love will cover Rachel, as she continues to speak out and go first … Lord, grant her more wisdom, more anointing, deeper understanding.

Eshet chayil, Rachel Held Evans. To me, you are a woman of valor and today I celebrate and thank God for you.

With Love,