Half the Sky Live (the movie experience): Not on My Watch!


The words of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and human rights activist, still ring in my ears. She was one of the featured speakers during last night’s Half the Sky Live event that took place in theatres across North America. Ferguson told the story of going to Nepal, one of the world’s poorest countries, in her fight against maternal mortality. When arriving there, she heard about a woman referred to as “genetic garbage.” Those words did not sit right with Ferguson and I just loved her response:

“Not on my watch! No.”

Something rose up in me and I thought, this really should be all of our mantra: Not on my watch!

When a woman, whether rich or poor is diminished, with words or with fists, we need to rise up and say, Not on my watch.

When women are treated as less-than, when women are raped and violated, when women are used as weapons of war. When women are silenced or hidden. When women are burned or babies are raped to “heal” men from HIV. We need to rise up and say:

Not on my watch.

We are the mothers. Our ears hear the cries of humanity. We need to watch over our daughters, our sisters, our children.

There is Change whispering on the winds. It’s the collective voices and prayers of the women around the earth who rise up and say:

Not on my watch.

No. No. No.

Will you add your voice?

  • @nylahe

    Sarah is such a powerful and influential force! She just marches in and demands change. Her story about Prudence wrecked me. The horrors women bear out of ignorance and poverty are incredulous. I am so grateful that all of these people at the event are using their platforms to speak out for those that cannot. Thank you for your post and for adding another voice for change.

  • Reggie

    not on my watch.