My Heart Falls into its Anchor


my heart anchor

I turned on the kettle and wiped down the counters. The kids were off to school and the house fell quiet for the first time in months. Two months of waking up with them, making breakfast, lunch and dinner and having family adventures.

A week ago, we were driving home from the cabin and I felt like I was drifting off into the day without an anchor. I didn’t have my regular morning quiet time that I treasured at the cabin. Toast and tea out on the back deck with only the trees and the birds and the squirrels as my companions. My soul got lost and was found again in the greens of the forest behind the house every morning.

But that day, we cleaned up and packed up (not in that order) and headed home. I didn’t have my time. The car loaded to the brim, the kids happy because we just had ice cream for lunch and my heart knowing that much work was still on the other end of that road.

How do I find You here, God? It wasn’t more than a whisper.

The reply was immediate: Sing.

So I began to sing … softly, words and melody just between me and God. That age-old song I return to every time I sing to my Lord.

I love you, Lord.
And I lift my voice.
To worship you,
O, my soul rejoice …
Take joy my King
In what you hear
May it be a sweet, sweet sound
In your ear.

I’ve sung it around the world … From walking the streets of Taipei—where I first learned it—to back alleys in Prague to driving the mom van in Vancouver.

I could feel the sound anchoring me. The sound and the simple worship to the Ancient One. The melody carried my soul deep and wide past the immediacy of this life into the Life that has ever been. My soul sunk deep into the day and I remembered who I was again, connected to the vast expanses of a Kingdom that is not of this world.

It’s the anchoring I need from my quiet time and I found it in the van with four kids and their pillows. Next to a cooler full of food and nine loads of laundry.

So, when the house got quiet this morning and my heart wanted to flail and flap—how can I be a good steward of this day and not waste this precious time and accusations wanting to build—I opened my heart and I sang. My own tune. My own words. Just worship.

Until I felt my heart fall into its Anchor and I remembered who I am again and why I am here.

  • HBurns

    Perfect… i needed these beautiful words to still and anchor me today. I love you xo
    (sing my sister, sing)

    • idelette

      I love you right back. xo

  • Nicole A. Joshua

    And with deep wisdom, she speaks again. You are on a roll, my friend. And I am basking in the light that your words bring. Thank you.

    • idelette

      You are such a wonderful encourager. That means a LOT. Thank you.

  • AnjYorkCrane

    beautiful. In so many ways.

    • idelette

      Thank you, Anj … xo

  • Sandy Hay

    song…at the best of times…at the worst of times…in the middle of the night…without song I could never sing it is well with my soul :)

  • jennifer

    that means that u were sad. right?

    • idelette

      Hi Jennifer! I wasn’t necessarily sad, but definitely out of sorts. But singing to God at any time will lead us into God’s presence … And that’s where our soul finds rest. Thank you for reading!