How We Almost Didn’t Go to Gulu


I cringe when I think that meeting Stephanie Skinner, our Twitter/facebook/email/SheLoves sista-friend and her hubby James almost didn’t happen.

How we almost didn’t get to distribute sanitary pads (known as makapads) and over a thousand pair of undies to school girls in Gulu.

How we almost didn’t get to hug and dance and sing with the beautiful women at Watoto’s Living Hope. (These same women that so many of us ran a half-marathon for last year.)

How we almost didn’t get to cuddle with the scrumptu-licious darlings at Baby Watoto in Kampala.

Here’s why.

Now: Which projects or ideas seem impossible to you right now … And yet, there’s this nudge? Which hopes have you said to: It’s probably not the right time?

Or where have you walked through a door–listened to that holy nudge–and experienced the glorious miracle of heaven-coming-to-earth goodness?

Shay, Jojo and I would love to hear.

Special feature: The fabulous T-shirt my friend Nicole gave me while I was in Cape Town.

  • Michele

    my nudge(s)…I think you know…lol!
    my most recent has been this writer’s challenge.
    the ‘cookbook’, for lack of a better label, is another.

    not sure how this will all turn out looking like, but here I am…trying.

    • idelette

      Haha. Nudge-nudge. Glad I qualify as a holy nudger. :)

      I totally salute you showing up. Every day you are stepping through the door. We’re going to “Gulu,” girl! 😉

  • Carolynn

    It was so delightful to have you (and Shay & JoJo) here with me in my home today! *grin* I’ve been feeling a nudge and have been resisting it because I’m afraid of all the usual things – failure, not good enough, not worth the effort, etc., etc. The nudge I feel is to pursue a couple of creative avenues (my photography and handbag designs) with the intent to sell them. I keep running headlong into obstacles that have frustrated and nearly defeated me, at this point. Yet…the nudge is still there. There’s a phone call I’ve been avoiding making for about a week now. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll take that leap of faith.

    P.S. Thank you for sharing that you’ve been struggling with the 15 Day Writing Challenge, too.

    • idelette

      It’s a challenge, for sure, but a good challenge. I want to keep showing up, break through the silence and the barriers and create this habit. It was interesting to do the video-blog today … sitting in my voice. I think I might need to practice more of this, to come out of my head more.

      I look forward to seeing how you walk through these doors … ! Photography AND handbag design. Sounds lovely!

  • neritia

    I love this post…it’s awesome to end my workday with you, Shay & Jojo visiting my office…! I also feel alot better now that I’ve heard that you too struggle a bit with the 15 days…I’m finding it VERY hard to do…this week is extremely busy at work and I have people from Johannesburg here all week – so we’re working until way too late at night!

    But that said – let me answer your “Now”.

    For me the moment I committed to do “Adopt a Grandparent” here in Paarl, I experienced the “heaven coming down to earth goodness” you speak of. It’s the one thing that I’ve been part of where I can honestly see the goodness of and the community in the whole process of a common goal and giving with hands wide open. There’s extreme beauty and hope in that.

    The nudge, the one thing that I’ve been “avoiding” or rather the one thing I label as not possible, is turning the project into a NPO/NGO. I have this hope of registering it…but keep putting it off. There seems to be no time to do it – yet the dream burns hot in my heart….!

    Thanks for sharing and pushing…xoxo

  • Justine

    This challenge is definitely a nudge… but i’m also trying to be obedient to little nudges that aren’t attached to big projects. I was going to send a card with a prayer written in it to a friend who’s on a newly-diagnosed struggle with cancer. But before I have sent it, I feel a nudge to include in the card a prayer book to accompany it. I have no idea how she’ll receive it as we have not had any spiritual conversations in several years, but I can only imagine how she must be feeling with her recent battles. So in faith, I will send the card and book off covering them with prayers…