I wish somebody would have said this to me at my weakest point …


“Homeless girl” remains anonymous, but writes to put a new face on homelessness. In effect, her own story helps us understand some of the realities behind the men, women and teenagers, we see on our streets.

“Homeless girl” became homeless on May 18, 2007. “The best analogy I can give is, it was like a snowball,” she says. “It started small until I couldn’t control it anymore. I have been kicked out of various houses and slept on the street but I haven’t lost my hope.” While she is not “technically” homeless any more, she now writes to raise awareness and understanding of homelessness. Her story has turned her into an activist.

Yesterday she wrote this post: You are not a “bum,” you are a person,” saying it might be the most important post she will ever write.

“I wish somebody would have said this to me at my weakest point,” she adds. Her words are beautiful and a true lesson in Grace for every one of us.

Homeless girl writes:

“You are not your circumstances and you are not your mistakes.

You are not the choices you made or the decisions you would change.

You are not a bum, you are a person.

You are not the missed bills or the late payments.

You are not what your mother said or what your father did.

You are not a bum, you are a person.

You are not the needle marks in your arm or the medication in your pocket.

You are not the one more drink you said you wouldn’t have.

You are not a bum, you are a person.

You are not the things you’ve had to do to survive.

You are not the night you slept on the street.

You are not a bum you are a person.

You are not the names they yell as you pass by.

You are not what they see you as in their eye.

You are not a bum, you are a person.

We all have the same 24 hours and we all have  one life.

You are not hopeless.

You are not ignored and you are not invisible.”

Follow her blog at thehomelessgirl.com

Question: What do you wish someone said to you at your lowest point?

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      Hi homelessgirl, those are lovely words. Thank you for being an advocate. I love how you have turned your story into your message. Beautiful!

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