Malalai Joya in Vancouver: Canadian Launch of A Woman Among Warlords


31jVjWmmwxL._SL500_AA240_This Saturday, Malalai Joya will be in Vancouver to launch her book A Woman Among Warlords: The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice.

    7p.m., St. Andrew’s – Wesley Church
    1022 Nelson St, at the corner of Burrard

    Suggested Donation: $5-10
    All proceeds will go towards Joya’s humanitarian projects.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is Malalai Joya’s revolutionary speech at a Constitutional Assembly in Kabul in 2003.

Two years after her heroic speech, Malalai Joya became the youngest person elected to Afghanistan’s new Parliament, but then, in 2007, she was suspended from Parliament for her consistent criticism of the warlords, drug barons and their cronies. She has survived several assassination attempts. In fact, The Independent wrote this:

    I am not sure how many more days I will be alive,” Malalai Joya says quietly.

    The warlords who make up the new “democratic” government in Afghanistan have been sending bullets and bombs to kill this tiny 30-year-old from the refugee camps for years – and they seem to be getting closer with every attempt. Her enemies call her a “dead woman walking”. “But I don’t fear death, I fear remaining silent in the face of injustice,” she says plainly. “I am young and I want to live. But I say to those who would eliminate my voice: ‘I am ready, wherever and whenever you might strike. You can cut down the flower, but nothing can stop the coming of the spring.'”

You can read the rest of the article here. And you can check out her website here.

I can hardly wait to see and hear Malalai Joya in person.

  • Tina Francis


  • Tina Francis


  • Trisha Baptie

    See ya there!

  • Marilyn Goode

    Ms. Joya’s voice needs to be heard around the world to stop this insanity of war. War does not bring peace and democracy, it brings pain, death, atrocities and destruction. Canada out of Afghistan NOW.

  • habb. sohil

    i admire malalai joy she is the only one she always stand for poor afghan people againest those evils they damage afghanistan and killed more than tow million innocent people and more than five million leave the country half of people of afghanistan lose there houses and ever thing they have because of war and these wild people who they still in power i wish malaai joy all the best