My One Sentence


I just sent off my video entry to Daniel Pink as part of his “My Sentence” project. (I wrote about it over here.) He asked this:

1. Your name
2. Where are you from? (A little more than a sentence for me, but I tried.)
3. Your one sentence, ie. the thing you want to be remembered for

Here’s what I said:

  • Tina

    Wow…love it.

  • Angela

    Beautiful, and accurate. x

  • idelette

    Thank you … : )

  • Sharlynne Pickering

    Wow, Idelette that is so powerful, so amazing!

  • idelette

    Thank you, Sharlynne! I’m looking forward to hearing YOUR sentence some time …

  • Jen

    Perfect…I got goosebumps listening to your message!

  • Jeff Gill

    Powerful. You get my vote. And you’ve caused me to wonder what my one sentence would be. I’m just not sure — and that strikes me as a problem.