One Word 2022: May I Listen and Discern With You?


ImageHi friends, I’ve opened up a few slots in January to walk with and accompany any of you who might want a listening and discerning ear to help you with your One Word for 2022. Perhaps you need a little encouragement for your One Word journey? Or a few new tools to spice up your process?

Choosing a One Word is a sacred practice for me.  I’ve done it publicly since 2011 and privately for long before that. In fact, I remember choosing my first One Word in 2003 on New Year’s Eve in our living room. Gabi was a baby. I remember it was the word “Light.” I sensed an invitation—not so much out of darkness, but away from a heaviness.

It was an invitation to Liberation, indeed.

Since then I’ve had words like:


One of my favorite words was: Systems.

When I first realized “Systems” might be my One Word that year, I knew it would ask of me to expand and grow in new ways. It was quite the word for a creative; but exactly the One Word I needed at the time. It was a profound invitation to Liberation that year.

Last year, my One Word was Fire. And I am still reflecting on all that it did in me.

A few years ago, I wrote a workbook to try and capture my process. My process is intuitive and yet, there are questions to ask, things to do, a process to follow.

I would be honored to accompany you as you listen for you One Word or to walk with you as you discern or hone your One Word this year.

If you book a one-hour session with me, I’ll also send you the workbook. I am also happy to share some other resources I have used to guide me on my journey. I would also love to check back in with you mid-year and at the end of the year. (See options below.)

I would be honored to listen with you for your Sacred Invitation into this new year and as it unfolds in you.


  1. Pay for your one-hour session (clicking on the image will take you to Paypal) (Cost is US$60) 


2. Schedule your first time slot here (clicking on image will take you to Calendly):


{ Please note: if you are in a timezone in which these time slots might not make sense, I will do my best to accommodate you. Please simply email me. }


If you’d like to continue your journey, you can also book:

  • a mid-year check-in with me
  • an end-of-the-year check-in with me.

If you book 3 One Word sessions now, the rate is $150.


If you book 2 One Word sessions now, the rate is $110.


I am so looking forward to walking with you. Journeying with a One Word has been such a rich tool for me and I would love for you, too, to experience it in a transformative way this year.