THE PATH: A Course for Writing Your Personal Mission Statement (12 participants only)



This course is about clarity. Together we wade through the fog of, What am I supposed to do with my life? Is there even such a thing as a life purpose?

The single most effective element of living a life that feels fulfilling and like I am right on my path, has been writing my own ONE SENTENCE.

I don’t believe it’s doing one big thing as much as it’s a recognizing and naming the thread that runs through your life like a pulse. For me, it’s like a banner over my life. It helps me know what I’m supposed to be doing and what NOT. Knowing this is like a jolt, it helps to get me up in the morning, eager to start the day and add my life’s work to the world.

Some call it a mission statement, a purpose statement or a life statement. It is ONE sentence that guides your life and clarifies your decisions.

I have noticed these 3 things:

  1. We all know it’s a good thing to write a personal mission statement, but it never seems quite urgent enough to rise above the demands of everyday life.
  2. It’s too overwhelming to figure out my purpose by myself.
  3. Unless we bring intention, effort and heart to crafting our one guiding sentence, it doesn’t happen.

This is why I am giving you an opportunity to make this the time to do it.

I have coached hundreds of people around the world through the process. I have worked with lawyers and accountants, pastors and stay-at-home mamas. I have worked with women who have spent years on the streets and girls who have life-controlling issues. I have done it at 3-day retreats and day-long seminars. I’ve done it in small groups and in a car, driving with a friend. I LOVE doing this.

I listen for what is true in you and I help listen for your heart. I listen for what makes you come alive. What fills you with light?

I LOVE seeing when a person connects her personal truth with a purpose that is larger than herself. I love that moment when it all comes together in ONE sentence.

Every week, for three weeks, I will host an hour-long workshop online. If you can’t attend in person, the workshop will be emailed to you to watch later.

I will also email you the materials and questions you need to work on that week. This will be self-guided, but it’s crucial that you work through all the materials.

The fourth part is a personal coaching call with me. You will have an opportunity to schedule a personal one-hour coaching call with me before a specified date. (This will need to be scheduled within two weeks after the third workshop.) During that time, I will make sure the sentence you have crafted rings true for you.


What is a mission statement?
Why have a mission statement?
Debunking some myths around mission statements
Examples of mission statements

Who are you?
Gifts + strengths
Transforming our Pain

How do I write my statement?
20 Questions
Core values

Personal one-hour call with Idelette

STARTING DATE:  January 9. The seminars will take place on Jan 10, 17 and 24. (Those who can’t attend LIVE will receive the video to watch at your own convenience.) All coaching calls will need to have been completed by Feb 4, 2017.

The power of this course is that we don’t just talk about your purpose. We listen, we wrestle and we write your actual statement.

CLASS SIZE: Limited to 12 people.

COST: US$150

PAY HERE. (The link will take you to PayPal.)

I am a trained facilitator of The Path workshop created by Bestselling Author Laurie Beth Jones. I use her methods alongside materials I have developed over the years of teaching this course. For those familiar with The Path, this course I am offering, is only for the mission statement component. I have found this to be such a powerful element and requires its own time and intention.

And you will hear a voice behind you saying, This is the path. Walk ye in it. —Isaiah 30:21

  • Joy Howard

    Just signed up. This is an incredible offer. I cannot wait. Thank you!!! love, Joy

    • idelette

      I’m so excited, Joy! I look forward to journeying together.

  • Annie

    This looks amazing – I just signed up. Thanks for this, Idelette!

    • idelette

      Yes, yes, yes!!!!!

  • Jenny Rose Foster-Stewart

    Signed up. I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn to write truth about myself.

    • idelette

      Jenny, I am so grateful to be journeying with you!

  • Anne Dahlhauser

    Just signed up! :) Super excited. Thank you.

    • idelette

      O, Anne! This is beautiful. I am so grateful we will be journeying together.

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