Reconciliation and Nation-building in South Africa


“Where are the voices of moderation? Where are the people preaching reconciliation and nation-building? We can’t rely on Nelson Mandela or Desmond Tutu anymore. They won’t be around forever. When our children ask us in the future what we did to save South Africa, will we say, ‘Well, I wrote a bunch of angry comments in an article about Julius Malema. And then when things really got bad, I wrote to the editor.’ That’s just not good enough.” –Sipho Hlongwane

Title aside, Hlongwane has written an excellent opinion piece on what is required after the murder of white supremacist Eugene Terre’blanche two days ago. Read the rest of the article here.

(HT to @Tendaijoe and the US Mission to South Africa facebook fanpage.)

  • Steve

    Yes, where have all the good men gone?

    I think people like Walter Sisulu and Oliver Tambo must be turning in their graves. They gave their whole lives so that we could have freedom, and the current crop of politicians are simply jockeying for money, power and position.