SheLoves Magazine


I’m a little excited. In May we pretty much accomplished a small miracle, launching the sheloves magazine site at LifeWomen conference. We had it up and running in a matter of two weeks, during which I also took a 10-day trip to Kenya.

Soon after we launched, however, I realized we wouldn’t be able to sustain the magazine “look.” We took a summer hiatus and decided to go blog format, so we can update frequently and easily. The vision is still the same: to tell the stories of where God’s girls are rising up to be part of solution on the earth. Or, we like to find stories that may answer the question: Where is the Love?

Check it out: SheLoves Magazine. We also invite your contributions and story ideas, of course. There’s a lotta Love that needs to be spread.

PS: This morning at 6am we will also be featured on The Relate Show on JoyTV Channel 10 in Vancouver.