globalgirl Advent Adventure: Experiencing the Gift

(Idelette’s note: I love experience gifts. In fact, this year our family has created several experience gifts for those on our list. Thank you, Carey, for inspiring us to make more memories with and for those we love.) Experiencing the Gift: Creating Lasting Memories by Carey Denman My grandmother was a fantastic cook, the kind […]

globalgirl Advent Adventure: line-up for the next 3 days

I’m so thrilled about the three pieces that will still be featured in our globalgirl Advent Adventure today, tomorrow and Friday (Christmas Day) that I wanted to give you a heads up. I don’t want you to miss any of these … So take time out from your Christmas celebrations and come read them. I […]

globalgirl Advent Adventure, Day 4: Beyond Cynicism

(Idelette’s note: Stefanie is one of my absolute favourite globalgirls on the planet. I love her piece because, honestly, I struggled with my own cynicism this year. Perhaps that is part of why I jumped into this globalgirl Advent Adventure–to prepare my own heart for the Holy birth. Thank you, Stefanie for sharing your journey–you […]

globalgirl Advent Adventure, Day 5: Receive

(Idelette’s note: I love this piece by Claire Colvin. My grandmother turns 90 in South Africa on Christmas day this year. My heart longs to be there and yet I have been embraced by my new family in Canada that makes Christmas not only bearable, but beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart, Claire. This […]

globalgirl Advent Adventure: Making Room

Idelette’s note: When I grow up, I want to be like Helen Burns. She loves people with her passionate, warm, strong heart and knows how to live a beautiful life. She goes wherever God calls her and then comes home and gathers her family–in every sense of the word–close. She is the perfect person to […]