The Great Room: You feel the Love …

Elizabeth was my first Downtown Eastside hug many years ago and she’s a friend. This weekend she has also been my own personal “radical hostess,” showing me around her community. The Great Room, the sacred space run by Linwood House Ministries, is a big part of her life here and I love what she’s got […]

We are the World 25: A personal moment.

Drove to the beach last week and asked my 13-year-old niece, Sarah, to plug her iPod into our car stereo. (I like hearing other people’s music.) After the initial Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, thanks to my crew in the back of the van, she pulled up: We are the World 25. The original must […]

globalgirl Advent Adventure: Experiencing the Gift

(Idelette’s note: I love experience gifts. In fact, this year our family has created several experience gifts for those on our list. Thank you, Carey, for inspiring us to make more memories with and for those we love.) Experiencing the Gift: Creating Lasting Memories by Carey Denman My grandmother was a fantastic cook, the kind […]

globalgirl Advent Adventure, Day 5: Receive

(Idelette’s note: I love this piece by Claire Colvin. My grandmother turns 90 in South Africa on Christmas day this year. My heart longs to be there and yet I have been embraced by my new family in Canada that makes Christmas not only bearable, but beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart, Claire. This […]

12 Crazy Days of Christmas

Loved this at LifeWomen tonight. All of us were howling: three crying kids … five extra pounds. That runaway shopping cart? Way too close to home. So, let’s make this Day 25 of our globalgirl Advent Adventure, because, after all, laughter is so holy.