He Died Right into It. (Thankful & extreme thoughts on Good Friday.)

Good Friday. We enter into the darkest place of death. The blackest, most hidden corner of our human souls. The most horrific stories on the earth. But, even still, we enter this story as bystanders—spectators. We watch as one man enters the scope and finality of Death—stretched over history and future—and dies right into it. […]

A Thought for Good Friday: In My Place

A devotional thought I wrote for Easter on Thoughts About God: In my Place. Good. Friday. Indeed.

globalgirl Advent Adventure, day 21: Great Power, Great Light?

Perhaps a little power outage is just what the world needs. It was dusk when the power went out in our neighbourhood last night. At first, the kids were excited when I started lighting just about every candle in the house. But once the last rays of daylight were gone and the house took on […]

globalgirl Advent Adventure, day 23: An extra chopstick for the gaijin in our midst

Idelette’s note: Shirley Eu is our fabulous globalgirl guest writer for today, inviting us into the sacred ritual of hot potting. Not only could I listen to Shirley’s Singaporean British accent for hours, the words from her artist heart always nourish my travel-hungry soul. It’s been turkey every year since my family moved to Canada, […]