We Write Our Ideas on the Earth: Reflecting on 2016

We sat around the table for brunch, pulling apart steaming pieces of gooey cinnamon buns. Land of Nod is a holiday tradition and sometimes a birthday tradition in our family and this year we even did it on Valentine’s Day. As we¬†shared our three highlights from 2016, all five of us said, Mexico. Spending time […]

The Journey: A Lesson in Pure Joy

Two weeks ago Linwood House Ministries held a summertime Journey, a three-day retreat for women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. This time their theme was “summer vacation.” “We packed everything we could think of that said ‘vacation’ into three days–reading, napping, nature, a trip to the local movie theatre, the creation of memory boxes to capture […]

10 Thoughts from the Road

I love traveling with a purpose. Being in a new place makes me feel more alive and alert. I want to gauge the spirit of a place, the stories of her people, the ways they do things. It also always makes me grateful for where I come from and what I do have. This is […]