That Old Blue Sleeping Bag is Story #FMF

I sent her off to her first sleepover with my old-ish, blue sleeping bag. It’s the sleeping bag we bought at Cape Union Mart in Cape Town aeons ago, preparing for my first trip to Germany. I was 16. She’s 8 and she’s excited. She’s been preparing for two days for this sleepover. And her […]

Screens4Hope, Invictus and the FIFA World Cup.

There’s a scene in the movie Invictus that still lingers with me: Young boy standing outside the rugby stadium, catching the action from two nearby police officers’ car radio. The racial divide is tangible and the boy tries to steer clear. As the game unfolds, however their lives move closer; the young boy hones in. […]

A Picture of Hope: My Wish for International Women's Day

Today, on International Women’s Day 2010, I would like to introduce you to a picture of tenacity, strength and Hope. I got to meet Audrey (pictured here) during a short stint when she lived in Canada. Now she stands as a courageous, beautiful woman in the fight for her life. Literally. I am sharing it […]