This is what Easter has to mean. Please pray for the Peace of South Africa


My heart is heavy this morning. It’s Easter morning. I know the Resurrection is real, because I know the power in my own life. But this morning, I need the Resurrection–and therefore the possibility of new life–to be real for the nation of South Africa. My heartland.

I woke up to reading this post by Cobus van Wyngaard: Resurrecting (ion and) the AWB. And the reality of what Easter HAS to mean, hit me.

If there’s ever been a time when the our belief in Easter and a risen Jesus has to meet the reality of emotional chaos, political complexity, high-level fear, misunderstanding, distrust and racial strife, this is it.

I am simply drawn to my knees this morning. Where else can I go?

Please read Cobus’ post. And PLEASE pray for the peace of South Africa. This is happening on our watch.

Hope. Reconciliation. Real Love. Peace. This is what Resurrection has to mean to me this morning. It just has to.

  • cobus

    Thank you Idelette. The shocking reality of how deep the racial fears and hate is still embedded in our context is visible when looking at the growth of Afrikaner nationalist groups on facebook over the past few weeks, and of Eugene Terre’Blanche groups over the past few hours. However, from the few reports that I have seen I think the quick response from different political leaders, on all sides of ideology, all calling for calm responses, is really something to be thankful for.

  • nanuschka

    Thank you for this post! After the comments I’ve received on my own blog about this situation, I was starting to think that I am alone in believing that prayer alone will get us through this. Well, said!