Today, this makes me angry.


I have a daughter who is almost seven years old.

Under Canada’s Sex Tourism Law Kenneth Klassen has been sentenced to 11 years for having sex with girls between 8 and 14. When I imagine the harm this man did to a girl that could be my daughter, it makes me really, really angry.

I honestly think we all should be more angry.

We should be angry that men like this are even allowed to go near our girls. Whether a girl lives in Cambodia and Colombia does not make her any less my daughter. It could happen to any girl, because we allow it.

Turning our heads and sighing is not enough.

Imagine this man–or any predator–near your son or daughter and feel the anger. Now what will you do about it?

I’m not talking about condemning or attacking an individual; that’s not what Love looks like. Instead, may our anger drive us to turn over the tables of this kind of sustained injustice.

Here’s the article:

CTV British Columbia – 11 years for sex tourist who ‘loves women too much’ – CTV News.

Btw, even this headline irks me, because no man who perverts, violates, rapes and imposes himself on young girls like that, loves women.

Photo credit: Darryl Dyck/THE CANADIAN PRESS

(HT, Trisha Baptie.)

  • Daniela

    Are you sure kicking him in a certain place wouldn’t be an act of love? Cause I would really love to.

    Good thing you are so wise Idelette. I would do anything to help these kids.

  • Tina

    I’m with Daniela. So angry.

  • idelette

    Oh, Daniela, you make me laugh! That’s such a good thing. Thank you.

  • Natalija

    I believe in tough love. 11 years is not enough! I wonder how the electrical chair option would set a trend for those demonic possessed offenders? If they would know about that kind of punishment they might count the costs. There is a big gap in our system that needs to be addressed!

    Is there a Mercy place for children anywhere? That question has been on my heart for a long time. Healing and restoration before selfharm can develop.

  • idelette

    I hear ya, Natalija. I wish we could spare the girls any more of the hell they’ve been subjected to.