Trading my Journey: Packing for the Downtown Eastside


I’m packing for a weekend in the Downtown Eastside. Tonight around 7pm I’ll be meeting Elizabeth, my radical hostess, at the Great Room on East Hastings.

I don’t have too many plans; I just want to spend the weekend in one of Canada’s poorest neighbourhoods, not as tourist or evangelist, but as friend. I want to see, smell, drink coffee and hang out. Truth is I can only go as myself which means I am always the observer, always a writer, essentially a woman.

I am moving intentionally out of vanilla neighbourhood-ness, tweeting and blogging from my phone. I hope you’ll join me on this journey and I’d appreciate your comments and encouragement along the way.

I’d also like to tell you about the work of Linwood House Ministries as I go along on this reverse Journey, of sorts. Meanwhile check out what I mean when I talk about The Journey.

Question: What do you think would be a creative name for this “reverse Journey.” We could call it that. Trading Journeys, perhaps. Any other ideas? Would love to hear from you.

  • Melanie

    Your loving spirit will touch many lives Idelette!

  • Erin Wilson

    Can’t help wishing I was there with you.
    Peace to you as you love + allow yourself to be loved.

  • Jimmy

    This reminds me how that the values of God are different from our values.
    How that Christ in people who are open to him reaches out not because it is big of him or big of us but essentially because what we see when we look at the most marginalized in society is what Christ sees when he looks at anyone who is separated from his fellowship.
    In fact people whose lives are falling apart can be much closer to God than people whose success makes God superfluous to them.