What's your Sentence?


I’ve taken some of the pressure off myself the past two weeks. It was confirmed in my (first ever) yoga class last week when I took a moment to actually feel my body. To notice where there’s pain. I felt the tension on my back, lower back and hips and in that very moment, I heard/perceived/knew: You’re carrying too much.

So I stopped. For a little while at least. Just took some of the pressure off, most of which I put on myself.

This space I’ve created–where I haven’t pushed myself to publish daily on SheLoves or here, has been pretty sunny. I’ve slept more. I’ve been kinder.

While I do have certain needs–like expressing some of the gazillion thoughts, facts and emotions swirling around in my ideation-intellection-input-learner-achiever head, I am also surrendering to the rhythms of Grace.

Like allowing myself a moment this afternoon, sitting on a wooden rail with my son, waiting for his eldest sister at school and feeling the October afternoon sun on my skin. (Oh, yes, and with a cup of tea and a copy of Tribes on my lap.)

Last week a friend/mother/mentor sent me this link. I finally opened it tonight and it has led me to write all sorts of things on the black board in my Creative Womb, aka office. Daniel H. Pink, best-selling author of A Whole New Mind has a really great project going on, based on p. 154 in his latest book, Drive.

First, Ask a Big Question …

Pink writes: “In 1962, Clare Boothe Luce, one of the first women to serve in the U.S. Congress, offered some advice to President John F. Kennedy. “A great man,” she told him, “is one sentence.” Abraham Lincoln’s sentence was: “He preserved the union and freed the slaves.” Franklin Roosevelt’s was: “He lifted us out of a great depression and helped us win a world war.” Luce feared that Kennedy’s attention was so splintered among different priorities that his sentence risked becoming a muddled paragraph.”

The big question Pink calls us to answer is this: What’s your sentence? Plain, simple, powerful.

Now there are still a few days left to participate in the experiment he launched to have people say their sentences on video. Check it out:

I want to sleep on my sentence tonight. (That’s what I’ve learned is wisdom with my Ideation-personality.)

Meanwhile, think about your sentence and write it down.

I’ll share mine. I’d love it if you’ll share yours.

UPDATE: You can watch my One Sentence here.

  • sallyb

    First yoga class! AWESOME, Idelette! (I know that was just a tiny bit of the above post, but it jumped out at me because I often get my clearest communication with the Divine when I’m twisted up in a yoga pose! Check it this beautiful awesome video of Seane Corn, who shares your passion of giving voice to the voiceless: http://vimeo.com/1711885 . LOVE You!!! ~Sally