All I want for Christmas is a brand new world.


In the past 24+ hours, it’s felt like Heaven has been downloading a story to my heart. Background music to this story is Chantal Kreviazuk’s “Invincible” and specifically the words:

I’m not the same old girl, no.
I want a brand new world.

(Can you hear her just belting it out? Love that girl. But, I digress.)

1. The story starts with a post by Mike Todd over on Waving or Drowning called The Theology of the Lottery of Life.

These images are incredibly powerful. Piercing, in fact. There are more. Combined with some crisp, articulate thoughts from Mike. So go read it first, please:

The Theology of the Lottery of Life

2. Ok, now that you’re back; moving on to Phase 2:

My friend and neighbour Alie posted a video on her facebook page last night. It follows the story of Narayanan Krishnan who happens, as I googled him, to be one of CNN’s 2010 Top Ten Heroes. (I can’t find the original video to embed it, so this link will have to suffice. My apologies. Please stay with me … )

Click here to watch the video: Videos Posted by Chennai Expats: Dec 2, 2010 7:40am.

Narayanan talks about the purpose of his life. And I can’t help but think about my own purpose on the earth and then my friend Ellie’s comment this morning: “I didn’t know Jesus was from India.”

3. Follow that with a blogpost by the lovely & candid Laura Parker who lives in Thailand, caring for orphans with her family. She’s raising awareness around the global orphan crisis. Her blogpost is stunning–do yourself a favour and read the whole piece:

We were wrong {The Orphan Crisis}

Two parts grip me:

a. Two years ago a church in Texas ran a full-page ad in The Dallas Morning News with a public apology:

We Were Wrong

We followed trends when we should have followed Jesus.
We told others how to live but did not listen ourselves.
We live in the land of plenty, denying ourselves nothing,
while ignoring our neighbors who actually have nothing.
We sat on the sidelines doing nothing while AIDS ravaged Africa.
We were wrong; we’re sorry.
Please forgive us.”

Wow. I can’t tell you how much this makes me want to cry and sing at the same time.

b. Laura then relates this exercise in missing the point to the orphan crisis and our indifference now. The video that nails it, making me shake at my core, then is this:

That’s my Hudson … Or: That’s my Shay. That’s my Daniel. That’s my Caleb. That’s my Adam. [Insert the name of your own child.]

Now, I ask you … What do I do with this, the pile of Christmas presents on the floor, the sick feeling in my stomach and the question in my heart: What if we are living the completely wrong Love story?

I’m not the same girl, no.
I want a brand new world.

  • laura@life overseas


    Isn’t it amazing sometimes how God weaves many different sources into the SAME message that He wants us to hear? I love that. Love that you are tasting that and sharing it. It’s beautiful . . .

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