Benjamin Perrin launches Invisible Chains in Vancouver: the first book on human trafficking in Canada


I sat in the lobby with a few others, making notes, while Benjamin Perrin, UBC Law professor launched his brand-new book Invisible Chains: Canada’s Underground World of Human Trafficking at the Chan Centre last night. Not getting a seat, even though I pre-registered, was still worth it. (I was able to go in during the Q & A session to take this picture.)

This book is a moment in Canadian history: three years of research and the first to address Canada’s story in this global crisis that is human trafficking.

Now it’s 1:23am and I still have to make three school lunches. (I also just sent in my TEDx Vancouver application.) I guess that’s how I balance, or not balance, motherhood, justice and my life’s work.

A more detailed report on tonight’s launch will need to wait. Time for bed. Now If only I can resist the urge to start reading it tonight …