How Did It Feel to be Hungry?

“Why do you do this?” I asked her. We were walking through the front doors at church, on our way to our cars in the parking lot and the rest of Monday. We’d just set up the sanctuary with food to fill 80 summer hampers for families from the inner city schools in our community: […]

I Have Wrinkles, Hear Me Roar

My eldest-with-an-attitude walked out of the room on Saturday morning, saying, “Mommy, I just saw something on TV that you need.” Yes? My curiosity piqued, while rallying them to get ready for early morning swimming lessons. “It’s for someone who has wrinkles and, Mommy, you have lots of wrinkles.” There was a moment’s reflection–a choice: […]

Work, Interrupted.

So many of Jesus’ miracles happened along the way … While he was going somewhere else, doing something else, giving attention to someone else. – There’s the woman with the issue of blood, reaching through the crowd to touch Jesus’ robe, while he’s on his way to see Jairus’ daughter. – There’s the Syro-Phoenician woman tugging […]

Want to Be a Bearer of Justice? Have your Feet Washed.

“True bearers of justice are people who have had their feet washed.” –Gwen McVicker I am blessed to have an extraordinary mother-in-law. Gwen is the woman God used to first crack open my heart for justice, right alongside the prophet Isaiah. I’ve had the privilege of writing a 40-day prayer journal with her, traveling with […]

How We Almost Didn’t Go to Gulu

I cringe when I think that meeting Stephanie Skinner, our Twitter/facebook/email/SheLoves sista-friend and her hubby James almost didn’t happen. How we almost didn’t get to distribute sanitary pads (known as makapads) and over a thousand pair of undies to school girls in Gulu. How we almost didn’t get to hug and dance and sing with […]