A Love Letter to my {broken} Body

A little background to this Love Letter: On Saturday, we launched a synchroblog on SheLoves magazine: A Love Letter to my Body and Megan Gahan led us in her beautiful letter to her own body. It was a first for us on SheLoves and Claire, our Wellness Editor, and I were a little nervous, just […]

Amazon & The P–ophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure

Update: 10:39pm: Yes, yes, yes! We did it! A collective ROAR through the various networks did it. The link no longer works, so Amazon must have removed the content in question. Jody, in the last comment on this post, reported over 1,200 negative reviews on the Amazon.com site, so yes, yes, yes! (At the time […]

Black and Blue Sari

She was beaten. Tortured. Raped. Sodomized. Hung from a ceiling. The man she was married to on several occasions tried to manipulate her into committing suicide. He battered her with his words, his fists and whatever object he could find in the heat of a moment. He tried to drown her. Kamal Dhillon’s new book […]