We Write to Make Bread

Anais Nin said we write to taste life twice. Today, this thought has pushed itself to the front of my chest: We, followers of the Way, those of us who quest to know Spirit and dwell in Love, we write to make bread. I know, for me, this is my serving. This is my offering. […]

I went to Amahoro & got a lot more than the T-shirt.

A simple act–like folding a cotton shirt–can launch me into another world and another time. Tonight I put away my Amahoro T-shirt. I held the butter fabric in my hands, felt the weave under my fingers and looked at the logo one more time. It’s been about a moon and a week already since we […]

The Saving of an Afrikaner

It happened the moment I took the airplane breadroll into my hand, broke it open, feeling both the warmth and the artificial microwave crustiness in my palms. A friend had warned me that it happens to him after every Africa trip. The tears came, first gently, but then I felt the swell. The wave of […]

Proudly African

I flew Kenya Airways this morning from Mombasa to Nairobi and smiled when I read the KQ slogan: The Pride of Africa. I smiled, not because I thought it was ironic. I smiled because that very African pride was beginning to creep right into my own heart. This past week I have shed yet another […]