A moment in Paradise.

We hiked down to this spot at Lily Point in Point Roberts, WA yesterday. Sometimes I am amazed at how close paradise really is. Question: Where do you go to get away from it all?

Life's Blender Moments. Or: what NOT to do with clean carpets.

Last night I had, in the words of Esther Shu, one of Life’s blender moments. You know, when you get tossed in the blender and someone flips the switch to High. We had lots of errands to run on Day Two of being back in full Mommy Mode. Drop off. Pick up. Take dog to […]


Tonight we had a simple birthday celebration for Gwen, my mother-in-law, here at Linwood House. There were a handful of us around the family dinner table. Low-key. Gwen doesn’t like to fuss over birthdays too much. Dorothea, Gwen’s sister, made smoked salmon pasta. It was lemony and delicious with fresh herbs from the garden. We […]

Haiti: Making Sense of Suffering in my So-Called Perfect World

Idelette’s note: I wrote this piece in the week following the earthquake in Haiti. It seems appropriate to post it as part of my reflection on Lent and Suffering. Haiti: Making Sense of Suffering in a So-called Perfect World I made banana bread with my 4-year-old this afternoon, while the two-year-old napped. We stood at […]

40 days. No Spending?

Three years ago, in the summer, I did a 40-day spending fast. When I brought the idea to Scott, my husband happily jumped on board and agreed to do the grocery and household shopping for 40 days. After about 28 days, however, I had to take on the groceries again. It became a little much […]