The Day of Conception (or: Hidden Christmas)

Today is a holy day. Our friend, Mike, has done the work of illuminating the words of Fr. Richard Rohr today. I love this piece. It speaks to me of our readiness to receive the Word and be pregnant with the holy, beautiful, earth-changing work of God. Today is the day of Conception: a day […]

A Picture of Hope: My Wish for International Women's Day

Today, on International Women’s Day 2010, I would like to introduce you to a picture of tenacity, strength and Hope. I got to meet Audrey (pictured here) during a short stint when she lived in Canada. Now she stands as a courageous, beautiful woman in the fight for her life. Literally. I am sharing it […]

Half the Sky Live (the movie experience): Not on My Watch!

The words of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and human rights activist, still ring in my ears. She was one of the featured speakers during last night’s Half the Sky Live event that took place in theatres across North America. Ferguson told the story of going to Nepal, one of the world’s poorest countries, in […]

Fridge poetry? Or: My heart in 11 words.

Love our today world girls beautiful new into God. Eve restored. Idelette’s note: Made a short poem out of the top ten words I’d used in my twitter/facebook status updates in 2009. Then added the eleventh.

Our Assignment

A woman received the Word Became Holy Spirit pregnant with the Word She carried the Word birthed the Word loved the Word. She nurtured the Word held the Word raised the Word. She knew the Word. She released the Word into the world. She watched the Word feed crowds. She watched the Word heal hearts. […]