A Love Letter to my {broken} Body

A little background to this Love Letter: On Saturday, we launched a synchroblog on SheLoves magazine: A Love Letter to my Body and Megan Gahan led us in her beautiful letter to her own body. It was a first for us on SheLoves and Claire, our Wellness Editor, and I were a little nervous, just […]

How Did It Feel to be Hungry?

“Why do you do this?” I asked her. We were walking through the front doors at church, on our way to our cars in the parking lot and the rest of Monday. We’d just set up the sanctuary with food to fill 80 summer hampers for families from the inner city schools in our community: […]

Hungry for my right size

Size? No, I am not talking numbers like 0, 6 or 16. I’m not talking about what I fit into, but rather the perception from which I live. My journey to freedom (a long walk, indeed), continues to surprise me with Spirit nudges that take me into the deeper realities of my heart and my […]