How Did It Feel to be Hungry?

“Why do you do this?” I asked her. We were walking through the front doors at church, on our way to our cars in the parking lot and the rest of Monday. We’d just set up the sanctuary with food to fill 80 summer hampers for families from the inner city schools in our community: […]

All I want for Christmas is a brand new world.

In the past 24+ hours, it’s felt like Heaven has been downloading a story to my heart. Background music to this story is Chantal Kreviazuk’s “Invincible” and specifically the words: I’m not the same old girl, no. I want a brand new world. (Can you hear her just belting it out? Love that girl. But, […]

My One Sentence

I just sent off my video entry to Daniel Pink as part of his “My Sentence” project. (I wrote about it over here.) He asked this: 1. Your name 2. Where are you from? (A little more than a sentence for me, but I tried.) 3. Your one sentence, ie. the thing you want to […]

What's your Sentence?

I’ve taken some of the pressure off myself the past two weeks. It was confirmed in my (first ever) yoga class last week when I took a moment to actually feel my body. To notice where there’s pain. I felt the tension on my back, lower back and hips and in that very moment, I […]

Changing the world?

The artwork of cartoonist Hugh MacLeod (Via Mike over on WorD. The fact that this sentence is so true really bothers me. Question: Thoughts?