Recovering Racists: Pre-Order is Now Open

O, friends—what a day. Pre-orders are now open for my book Recovering Racists: Dismantling White Supremacy and Reclaiming Our Humanity. [ squeal !!!!! ]  I am so excited and also facing all the fears. You are going to read my heart, my deepest shame, my wrestling with identity and also the humble journey of beautiful […]

Help Me Figure out a Title for my Book?

“I need a deadline, please!” When my agent emailed to check in how my writing was coming along, I may have said it four different ways in that one email. I needed a deadline. I am finally learning that I respond to external expectations, thanks to Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies in Better Than Before.  Rachelle […]

SheLoves Magazine

I’m a little excited. In May we pretty much accomplished a small miracle, launching the sheloves magazine site at LifeWomen conference. We had it up and running in a matter of two weeks, during which I also took a 10-day trip to Kenya. Soon after we launched, however, I realized we wouldn’t be able to […]

Black and Blue Sari

She was beaten. Tortured. Raped. Sodomized. Hung from a ceiling. The man she was married to on several occasions tried to manipulate her into committing suicide. He battered her with his words, his fists and whatever object he could find in the heat of a moment. He tried to drown her. Kamal Dhillon’s new book […]

Writer Mamas

Picked up my copy of Christina Katz’s “Writer Mama: How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids.” Well done, Christina!” Three of my  favourite suggestions so far: Meet the Zeitgeist, “List your way into print,” and ‘Tip Off Everyone.” Check it out, Writer Mamas.