eighteen for 18


“But perhaps God can take their sacrifice and also lay it on an altar in Connecticut today …”

At 18:30pm last night, my nine-year-old started an 18-hour famine. “Eighteen for eighteen” they call it. All week, she’s been walking around with her little donation sheet, hitting up friends and family, asking for money, so kids in Honduras can go to school.

That number–18–has been on our hearts all this week. We’ve said it in the kitchen and the living room. Eighteen for 18. We’ve said it in the car and at bedtime.

Eighteen. Eighteen. Eighteen.

Students at her school are participating, joining in, sacrificing, so others may have.

Eighteen students. Eighteen hours. $18.

Fasting on behalf of 18 kids in Honduras, so they can go to school.

Then the news breaks this morning. Twenty-six people killed at a shooting in Connecticut, 18 of them kids.

My heart rips as I hear that number–18, 18, 18.

My mother heart rips because just this morning, while Gabrielle was filling her water bottle and packing her backpack, I said to her: You know, when we fast, God loves it when we pray about the issue we’re fasting for.

There was something there … I remember the air was thick for a moment. But the other two were eating rice crispies and I was packing their lunches and we didn’t pause.

Kids and schools and lost opportunities and now my heart aches so much.

At 12:30pm today, their famine will end. They will celebrate with a barbecue, but the news has changed the meaning for me now.

18 kids. 18 children. 18 lives lost.

And all I know is that my little girl, my eldest, has been fasting for almost 18 hours for something … We thought it was for kids in Honduras, so they can go to school and it’s for that too, yes. But perhaps God can take their sacrifice and also lay it on an altar in Connecticut today …

For Light. For Healing. For a different world.

For safe schools and whole hearts.

For some more peace on earth.

Lord, may you hear the prayers of your children today.


UPDATE: The latest report just came in and said the number of students who died are now 20.

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      Thank you so much for being here, Amy.

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    Hi Idelette (what a lovely name!), I am a white English-speaking South African living in New Zealand. Although to be honest, New Zealand is in my soul and I am now a New Zealander. Anyway. Just wanted to say hi. I am not even sure how I found your blog but it and you are just lovely. Happy Monday xxx Samantha

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      Hi Samantha

      Thank you so much for saying hi! I have been a bit MIA over here, focusing mostly on http://www.SheLovesmagazine.com. It’s so great to to connect with other global souls. Much Love xo

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    So important to show our children how to be light so they can bring healing to a hurting world. What a beautiful daughter you have and how awesome that you are parenting her this way. So good :)

  • Tracey Adamson

    Wow – tears rolling down my face

    Prayers going out for the 18 who lost their lives and for the 18 that will gain theirs.