Mandela cellAfter South Africa, I hear the word “FREEDOM” and I can’t hear it without the echoes of millions of voices, crying out for freedom around our world.


O, that we would all have such a passionate yearning, a revolutionary tenacity, a burning heart for Freedom.

O, that we would sit in a cell and feel the bars close in on us and
that we would KNOW what it means to NOT be free. To be confined and imprisoned, to be silenced. To be kicked at, sneered at, jeered at.

Feel how it feels to be dehumanized, decentralized,

Sit in that cell and feel how it feels NOT to be free.

And then let the voices crying out for freedom speak to us.

About our complacency.
My apathy.
My comfort.
My privilege.

Stay there. Don’t move.
Until it hurts.
Until YOU want to scream.

Until you want to lift your voice and let it rise and join the cries for FREEDOM.

Another girl shot on the Flats.
Another woman beaten in her home.
Another body violated in an alley.

Voices silenced.
Voices silent.
Bodies missing.

Lack of books. Lack of funds. Lack of power.

Denial of access.
Denial of rights.
Denial of movement.

Stay there. Don’t move.
Until it hurts.
Until YOU want to scream,


This photo was taken outside of Tata Nelson Mandela’s prison cell during our recent stay on Robben Island. 


  • Nicole A. Joshua

    May we find the courage to stay in that hard space, until the discomfort propels us into action that brings freedom.
    Walking the long walk with you.

    • idelette

      Thank you that we may hold hands. Deep breaths. Just thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Sandy Hay

    I can’t find words to comment on your last three posts. There is this burning in my chest that draws me deeper into your words. They’re chipping away at “My apathy. My comfort. My privilege.”

    • idelette

      Thank you, Sandy. I feel you right here and I can’t even tell how much it means. So much.

  • Roos Woller

    No words just tears.

    • idelette

      It’s how I’ve been feeling all day. Thank you … #solidarity