Help Me Figure out a Title for my Book?


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“I need a deadline, please!”

When my agent emailed to check in how my writing was coming along, I may have said it four different ways in that one email. I needed a deadline. I am finally learning that I respond to external expectations, thanks to Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies in Better Than Before

Rachelle graciously gave me a deadline. This Saturday, I will be sending her my draft proposal. She recommended a short version, created by Chad R. Allen. I am working my way through this, along with this very honest resource by Steven Pressfield.

In April, I shifted my focus away from writing my first book about Sisterhood to telling my story of growing up as a white girl during Apartheid in South Africa. With the rise of overt racism in our world, sadly the timing seems right.

This writing process, I’m recognizing, is as much about overcoming the Apartheid that lives in me, as it is about sharing my story. Making some of this process public, is part of overcoming this Divide.

I would really love and appreciate your insight and responses. I have created 7 Draft Titles for the book I am working on. Which one would you want to read? Which one would you buy? Which one would answer a need in you?

  1. APARTHEID’S DAUGHTER : Confessions of a White Soul
  2. APARTHEID’S DAUGHTER: The Transformation of a White Soul
  3. APARTHEID’S DAUGHTER: My Journey of Acknowledging, Confessing and Turning from the Deep Racism in Me.
  4. WE HAVE APARTHEID: Healing the Racism in our Hearts
  5. WE BELONG TO EACH OTHER: Overcoming the Racism in me and Finding my Human Family
  6. I ONCE WAS BLIND: The Journey of a White Afrikaner Woman out of Apartheid
  7. APARTHEID’S DAUGHTER: My Long Walk to Freedom

If none of these appeal, What book would you like to read from me on this topic? Any other suggestions or titles?

Thanks so much!

  • Sherry Naron

    Leave it to me to not be able to choose between 7 options…but I think a mix of two of them is best for what would get my attention:

    APARTHEID’S DAUGHTER: The Journey of a White Afrikaner Woman out of Apartheid

    So excited to read it!

    • idelette

      Thank you, Sherry!

  • Nicole A. Joshua

    Apartheid’s Daughter: My (continuing) journey away from racism toward freedom

    I’m pre-ordering my copy as soon as I can!

    • idelette

      I love you, my friend.

  • Michele Morin

    Since you said that the book is about “overcoming the apartheid that lives in me,” I think the word Apartheid needs to be in the title. #2 is more about overcoming than the other options. Glad to know that your book is moving forward. Praying for you in the midst of it all.

  • Debbie F.

    I’d be drawn to I ONCE WAS BLIND most.
    #4 would be my 2nd choice.

  • Neil Smith

    I actually like #7. It’s just enough to spur intruige without overly framing the book’s content. Looking forward to it by the way!

  • Annie

    I like Apartheid’s Daughter best. #2,6,&7 for subtitles. Whatever the title, the can’t wait to read your story!

  • Shaley Hoogendoorn

    How exciting!!!!!! Just so you know I would not only read the book, I would camp out all night in front of Chapters in the cold pouring rain for a signed first edition! ( and by that I mean preorder online under a blankie on my cozy couch and invite you over for lattes and to sign it;) xoxo

    P.S. For titles I love Apartheid’s Daughter with either subtitle 2 or 7.

  • Joanna Dobson

    Apartheid’s Daughter works really well for me. I like Nicole’s suggestion for the subtitle. I wouldn’t use #7 because it’s too close to the original and therefore ripe for misunderstanding.

    • Joanna Dobson

      PS I would really love to read this book whatever its title!

  • Nicole T. Walters

    2 and 7 are my favorites. 2 gives more away about the content of the book but 7 is a bit more intriguing, like someone would pick it up out of curiosity “what kind of freedom? how did she get free?” Can’t wait to read it, sister!

  • Lindsey Cornett

    Hi Idelette! (Fellow Hope*Writer here.)

    2 and 6 are my favorites.

    I would definitely include both the word “apartheid” and the fact that you are white in there. Those both point out the really unique perspective you’re coming from. This isn’t just a general book about general racism–it’s from a very specific perspective, in a very specific place and time.

    Those are my thoughts! :)

  • daniellestrickland

    3. But shorten the subtitle to “turning from the deep racism…”
    Sounds amazing. I already love it and I haven’t read a word!! Your voice is so beautiful.

  • Melaney G Lyall

    so… this intrigues me… yes.. please