How Old is Sisterhood?


Five WomenAt first, you may simply see five women.

Five women in a living room on a Thursday night. A husband who stood on the landing to capture the picture. Low light. Grainy iPhone quality. Five women marking a moment.

If you lean in, you’ll learn this: These are five women who love Jesus. Five women who love sisterhood. Five women who gathered to collaborate.

It was only when Brenda prayed and my heart rested on each woman present, that it dawned on me: this is not your usual circle of friends.

We were five women, representing FIVE decades. This is the beauty, the grace and the POWER of Sisterhood.

Sisterhood isn’t confined to certain interests or a certain season on life. Sisterhood stretches across the decades and includes everyone of us alive at this time on earth. One generation. A generation of women who want to rise and be counted. A generation of women who believe in collaboration. Sisterhood is a generation of women willing to lean into discomfort, for the sake of something larger than ourselves. 

We are a circle of friends. A circle of co-conspirators and dreamers. A circle of five women, representing FIVE decades.

This kind of friendship and collaboration is not only possible, it is rich. It’s a circle filled with a kind of wisdom and energy that simply is not available when everyone looks and sounds and thinks the same.

Sisterhood knows that when we come to the circle, every voice matters. 

BLESSING: That we may have friends and circles that span many generations and many continents.