I am from.


I am from.
By Idelette McVicker

I am from small.
I am from a world laid out with thick legal walls
that said: You may live here.
But another has to live there.

Laws divided
us and

What the Fathers didn’t know
is when they kept us apart
they walled everybody in.
My spirit, my body, my world kept
white and small.

I am from small.

I am from broken.
As I looked to feed
my own deep hunger
I gave
and my woman bread fed curiosity, desire and

I am from raw.
I am from separate.
I am from yearning.
I am from strife
streams of words that stabbed, cut deep, divided.
I am from silence.
I am from raw.

But I am also from Large.
From loud singing voices
and angry shouting fists.
I am from bold colours and even bolder prints.
I am from feet that dance
and waves that crash on untamed rocks.
I am from kilometers of white powdery beach.

Beautiful. Ever wild.

I am from history.
Hundreds of years of language and Story laid into every school brick.

I am from Love.
A mother who would sit into the early hours to sew my designs.
Who would tenderly hold me with her smile and her hand.

I am from a rising tide against injustice that finally erupted
in a big, beautiful birth.

I am from Hope.
because I have seen worlds change–
with consciousness, words, action
into Freedom.

I am from Large.
A little girl looking up and out
to the dark mountains
through the car window
knowing instinctively
my world would be a lot larger than the small I could feel
all around me.

I am from Large.

  • lize sadie

    Idelette – dis beautiful, well done xx

  • http://www.idelette.com idelette

    Hi Lize–dankie!! Heerlik om jou hier op die blog te sien. Heerlik.

  • http://www.jimmymcphee.blogspot.com Jimmy

    The captured truth is that you cannot make fellow human beings small without also making yourself small.

  • Tina

    Beautiful piece….sigh…This was the one you read out to us on a Thursday night right?

  • http://kouevuur.wordpress.com anne-marie

    Stunning skrywe! :-)